Meet the Shorts

Our full film lineup is finally here! In combination with our screenings of classic + new films, Rom Com Fest will also be showcasing seven rom com shorts!

Say hello to the shorts in competition for Jury Award and Frolic Audience Award!

Rom Com Fest Shorts Program

À jamais, pour toujours

Marianne and Maxime are meant for each other. They fit like pieces of a puzzle, understand and love one another, but… When Maxime throws his own shoe atop a nearby apartment complex, Marianne has no choice but to reluctantly follow him. What she doesn't know is, Maxime plans on proposing to her once she finds the shoe in which he hid her soon to be wedding ring.

Written and directed by Louis St-Pierre

Almost Charming

'Almost Charming' is a modern-day fairytale told through pantomime and music. The story follows Beth, a young woman working as a children's party princess, on her journey to get the attention of her real-life prince charming.

Written and directed by Taylor Carnes

Anxiety's Wilma

A short romantic comedy about a young woman and her anxiety. With Martin Starr and Alexandra Kyle.

Written and directed by Alexandra Kyle

On Second Thought

A New York couple looks back on their relationship from the day they met to the day they split. Seeing the same moments from both perspectives, On Second Thought ponders how love can beat the odds when love is 50/50 and hindsight is 20/20.

Written and directed by Nora Jobling


After a string of failed relationships, successful career woman Kate gets the chance via a magical Groupon to rekindle romance with the love of her life -- her high school boyfriend. But as she soon discovers, the 40% discount is there for a reason…

Directed by Erin Brown Thomas / Written by Kelly Vrooman

The Curse

While at a Halloween party preparing for the online hookup of a lifetime, things get a little weird after Kyle bumps into a witch in the bathroom.

Written and directed by Dave Berenato

The Noodle Man

The Noodle Man.JPG

A struggling actor turned street food noodle cook lies about his career in an attempt to win over the girl next door.

Directed by Dream Kasestatad / written by Jan Epstein Schwaid

Miraya Berke