Rom Com Fest 2019: A Retrospective

The inaugural Rom Com Fest packed all things rom com into just three days. From films to shorts to a live comedy show, table read and podcast filming, our schedule was stacked! Attending every event may have seemed impossible, but we are here to set the record straight—it can be done!

Photo by Amanda Lopez

Photo by Amanda Lopez


Two Rom Com Fest 2019 goers, were in attendance the entire weekend! (Yes, we totally owe them a trophy). So who are these two passionate movie-goers? Roger and Elaine Berke, the parents of Rom Com Fest Founder, Miraya Berke!



Did you notice any overlapping themes? What was the commonality between the screenings? 

  • Elaine: I wrote down a list of some common threads I saw including music, coffee, alcohol, pot, Brooklyn, age differences, self-esteem, best friends, cheating, jealousy, break-ups, S & M, sexual orientation, women with successful careers, facials, high school & grammatical corrections.

    Having links to important issues in the film and self-acceptance was key too! Plus, Rom Com Fest had the underlying theme of Women in Film which was super!

What other film festivals have you been to? How does Rom Com Fest compare? 

  • Elaine: We have been to the following Film Festivals over the years: EarthVision, Pacific Rim, Santa Cruz, Jewish FF, Banff, Monterey Jewish FF, Cinequest (in San Jose), Slam Dance & Sundance in Park City, Luna in various locations and Reel Work May Day Labor.

    Rom Com Fest was more interactive and more thematic than some. It showcased more of a mix of old & new, where other festivals primarily focus on new. Plus there were different events like the table read & Mortified Live, book signing, crafting, etc.

Would you have added anything additional into the programming for the festival?

  • Roger: Maybe more premieres. I think there could have had a different classic than His Girl Friday, think that was too dark with suicide. 

What was your favorite part of Rom Com Fest? (Did you have a favorite movie, activity or overall moment?) 

  • Elaine: I enjoyed Mortified overall & I loved Miraya's participation in it. My favorite movie was Never Been Kissed and Rachel Bloom being there! Miraya's radiant introductions & Q & A's handled so professionally were standout moments to me.

  • Roger: My favorite event was the screenwriting competition winner getting to do a Table Read. My favorite movie was Tracks. I liked meeting the writer/director. (I’m still waiting for the call to be an extra in his next film!)

If we have another Rom Com Fest, can we expect you to attend every screening again?

  • Elaine: Roger says he will try his best but has a vote of confidence for me that I will be attending it all once again!